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Dog Years

Dog Years (2021)

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Anni da Cane (2021) or Dog Years as it is known in English is an Italian drama that was produced by Amazon. In this coming-of-age story, we follow a teenager named Stella who is truly going through some things. She is a klutz. She is cynical. She has a big imagination. And she is a teenager. Need we say more? Things are really hard for her! She tries to figure out her transition from her awkward teen years into whatever is supposed to come next. Is she really supposed to be a young woman soon who has it all figured out? It doesn't look like she will get there any time soon, but you can enjoy watching that for yourself when you check out this funny and heartwarming film. Now, how about the fine Italian men? We knew that you would want to know about those guys. Feast your eyes on shirtess Federico Cesari who makes out with the leading lady with his chest fuzz out. They mess around for a minute, but then she freaks out and leaves the room. Um...what?! Since she's gone, can we tap in? How could anyone run away from this fine piece of man? To be fair, we can understand being intimidated by his beauty. He is such a classically handsome Italian stallion that you might not even be able to believe that you are truly in his presence. That's the majesty and grade of Federico Cesari! He will certainly have you barking like a done with a bone-r.