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Mr. Man Website Features

Since its inception in 2013, MrMan.com has run literally hundreds of features, some of them yearly, some of them one time only, but now you can find them all in one handy location! On this page, you'll be able to access every edition of Mr. Man's yearly Top 10 Best Celeb Nude Scenes and the annual Manatomy Awards, along with sexy one-off promotions like the Top 10 Biggest Dicks in Hollywood, video-filled promotions like our Top 10 TV Gay Scenes, as well as our fan favorite promotions like Cockapalooza, a summer festival pitting the best nude scenes on our site against one another! As new promotions happen, you can find them right here, and as old promotions are no longer featured on the front page, you can find them archived here for posterity! It's your one-stop-cock-and-balls-shop!


Mr. Man's Annual Manatomy Awards

Every year since 2014, Mr. Man has given out the Manatomy Awards for excellence in nudity in both film and television. Like the Oscars, they're unveiled early in the year to celebrate the prior year's achievements in Mr. Man created categories like Best Full Frontal and Best Butt. Unlike the Oscars, fun new categories are added every year to celebrate as many award worthy moments as possible!

Mr. Man's Top 10 Nude Scenes of the Year

Mr. Man has published their list of the ten best celebrity nude scenes of the year every year since 2013! Here you'll find the most recent edition of Mr. Man's Top 10 Celeb Nude Scenes and links to all prior year end top ten lists.

Mr. Man's Top 10 Lists By Category

In a given year, there are many events tied to Mr. Man promotions, from the Top 10 Tan Lines in the summer to the Top 10 Daddies for Father's Day. These promotions live here alongside others tied to just about everything one can imagine from Halloween and the Super Bowl, to Pride month and even May's Masturbation Month! Nudity is always in season!

Mr. Man's Special Promotions

Looking for a Mr. Man promotion not covered by those other categories? You've come to the right place as here you'll find everything from our Gay Pride Month Infographics to major promotions like the Top 100 Gay Kisses and Manlympics. There's a little something here for everyone to enjoy.