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Leavin' (2008)

No Nudity

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Jesse McCartney’s “Leavin’” marked a turning point in the young pop star’s career. Up til the release of the song (and, maybe more importantly, the music video), his public image as a performer was a very young one, playing into his boyish looks with innocent lyrics and sugary production. With this track, though, he became a full grown piece of man candy—it’s darker sonically, and features more adult themed lyrics about lusting after various women. The video is a simple one, but it’s all the hotter for its straightforward, striking sexiness. It features a ripped (but not too ripped) McCartney shirtless and rolling around on a very dirty mattress with a woman while the two intermittently make out, and the whole thing steams with passion, all the further enhanced by consistent use of close up shots. If it’s dirty mattresses you’re into, Jesse, let us know! We made some stains on ours just now while watching this video! 


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