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Long Way Round

Long Way Round (2004)

Brief Nudity


This documentary series follows actors and friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they take a motorcycle trip around the world.

Ewan is a full blown sexy beast and here he exudes a rugged handsomeness in his leather riding gear as well as a boyish charm as they visit various attractions along the way. In one episode he finds himself getting full body, deep tissue massage. He is fully nude in the scene and it is almost played for laughs as the massage looks pretty painful, but his sweet Scottish rear is on full display while he gets rubbed down so it is still pretty hot. In another episode the guys go skinny dipping and he runs around naked. His ass looks so good splashing in the water and running around the river you will be using an Obi-Won Jedi mind trick on your naughty zone.

It is a story of friendship and adventure as these two make their way around the globe and meet some interesting people and while he isn’t naked much, Ewan still brings his sexy vibe to every second of it.