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My Mistress

My Mistress (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


An affair between a naïve teenage and an S&M-experienced woman turns dangerous in the romantic drama My Mistress (2014). Charlie Boyd (Harrison Gilbertson) is a typical sixteen-year old with the typical raging hormones clouding every choice he makes. His life goes from complicate to tragic when he returns home to his bland suburban home to find his dear ol’ dad (Hugh Parker) has hanged himself and his mother Kate (Rachael Blake) and her friends partying it up obliviously to the suicide. When Charlie declares his family’s house a “crime scene", he turns against his mom and eventually finds solace in the arms of Maggie (Emmanuelle Béart), a mysterious French gal that recently moved into the neighborhood. Eventually Maggie hires the teen to do some gardening, but the curious kid also does some peeping, and he discovers that his neighbor-turned-friend-turned-boss hosts S&M sessions in her house with wealthy dudes. It’s boner time! Of course, Charlie’s carnal curiosity gets the best of him, leading him to show his buns during a skinny dip and while he pumps one off in the shower. With neighbors like this, we’d never leave the house!