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Oasis (2017)

Brief Nudity

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Amazon has a way of featuring delish nude dudes on its pilots, and Richard Madden delivers an ass out performance on Oasis that rivals them all! Back in 2017, Amazon got the brilliant idea that rather than let some stuffy executives decide which pilot of a TV show should become a full series, they'd release all the pilots on their streaming app and see which ones the fans liked the best. Fans loved Oasis! But Amazon decided it was too expensive and ignored all the people who saw the pilot and wanted more. Bummer. The pilot is set in the year 2032. Earth is collapsing, and the colonization of a far-away planet is humanity's only hope for survival. A private corporation called USIC takes matters into its own hands and constructs a seemingly hospitable colony on the planet Oasis. Peter Leigh (Richard Madden) is a recently widowed man of God who is summoned to Oasis by USIC founder David Morgan (Jonjo O'Neill) to come and spread the gospel to the spacefaring people of Oasis. But when Peter gets there, David is nowhere to be found. He headed off to the desert a few days back and hasn't returned. Plus, everyone's having all sorts of hallucinations on Oasis that are getting increasingly vivid. Peter starts to think that the hallucinations aren't random, they're the first wave of an attack that someone, or something, is launching against the people of Oasis. Sounds promising right? Well, Amazon never promised us they were going to make a full show out of it, so fans have been stuck wondering where the show was going ever since. This Oasis indeed quenches our thirst, because in one shower scene Robb Stark himself, Richard Madden strips down to reveal the jiggliest, most squeezable ass this side of the Milky Way! The actor (who you may also recognize as Prince Charming from Cinderella (2015) then stands completely nude with only his hands covering his junk as he tries to shower off all that space junk. In the words of another Oasis: Today, is gonna be the day, that Richard's gonna make you spew!