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Other People's Children

Other People's Children (2015)

Brief Nudity


Drama Other People’s Children (2015) takes a serious look at loss, homelessness, the healing potential of creativity, and Chad Michael Murray’s ass! This directorial debut from Liz Hinlein follows Samantha (Diane Marshall-Green), a filmmaker dealing with the death of her artist father and the unanswered questions following their tumultuous relationship. Samantha finds new ASSpiration when she meets fair-haired and stacked homeless hunk, P.K. (Chad Michael Murray). Samantha turns her lens towards this newfound muse and love interest, but also finds herself recreating a complex relationship reflective of the one she had with Papa. In addition to being addicted to the bad stuff, P.K. is a lost, damaged soul. If you have it bad for Chad, head to the 26 minute mark in Children where he drops his towel in the kitchen to give us a look at his amazing body and bare, plump ass! We’d let Murray unload his baggage on us any day!