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Panic (2021)

No Nudity

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The thrilling series Panic is like Saw meets The Hunger Games, and it's the combo we didn't know we needed. This spooky series takes us to a mysterious small town in Texas called Carp, where each year, graduating high school seniors must fight in a series of deadly challenges for the opportunity to escape their dead-end lives. The challenges require participants to face their worst fears, and not everyone will make it out alive. Will Katniss save them all? Wait, wrong thing! In the end, only one senior will win, but many others will lose... their lives? You'll just have to watch to find out. We can glean from the Mr. Man-approved scenes here that one of the challenges involves jumping off a cliff... while sexy! That's right. Do you have what it takes to jump into the water from a cliff while insanely sexy? This is the challenge faced by elfin blonde cutie Mike Faist. His character walks up to the cliffside with his amazing pecs and flat stomach on display. He even has some prominent chest fuzz that we are loving! Mike's character jumps into the water while a crowd of people watches. But he's not alone. Manly hunk Ray Nicholson has an equally nice body and equally sexy chest fuzz, and he jumps into the same water while the crowd cheers him on. Plus in a scene shot during the daytime, we get an even better look at Ray's bawdy as he gets off of a motorboat. High school boys, danger, challenges, nipples... what isn't there to like about Panic?!