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Pet (2016)

No Nudity


Pet (2016) is a horror film directed by Carles Torrens and starring Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo, and Jennette McCurdy. This thriller follows a man who becomes obsessed with his high school crush after running into her after not seeing her for many years. The man then kidnaps the woman and holds her captive in basement. However, soon he realizes his victim might have more in store for him than he bargained for. The delicious Dominic Monaghan gets shirtless at 01:03:01. Dominic strips down to just his underwear to clean up a bloody mess and dispose of the body after he murders one of his coworkers. We get another look at Dom’s delectable bod when he jumps in the shower to clean all the blood off himself. The sight of Dominic’s lean, blood-covered chest will definitely get your blood rushing!