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Pyscho (1960)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Horror, Thriller
  • Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical Release: 06/16/1960
  • Home Release: 05/26/1998
  • Country: USA
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Psycho (1960) is considered the grandfather of the slasher film. It is one of the most notorious horror films of all time with an iconic soundtrack - how can you ever forget those screeching violins?! - and one of the most famous and parodied stabbing deaths in all of cinema. This movie STILL makes people afraid to take a shower and we have Alfred Hitchcock to thank for directing this flick that changed cinema in more ways than one. The Hays Code that restricted movie nudity and content was in full effect and Hitchcock broke so many of the rules with this film not just because he started on an unmarried couple who was just having sex and are now hanging out in their underwear, but it also showed a bloody murder AND - weirdly the most controversial thing of all - it showed a toilet flushing. Literally. That was the thing that censors were most mad about. The plot follows Marion Crane as a desperate young woman who steals money she was supposed to deposit at the bank for her boss. She has a change of heart when she pulls over during a storm and stays at The Bates Motel, where she is the only guest. Unfortunately, she never checks out because Norman's mother is not happy about this young salacious guest. We need to talk about Marion's boyfriend, Sam Loomis, who is played by John Gavin. The film literally starts with the two of them undressed which means we get to see Sam shirtless and post-coital. That was HOT at the time. Guess what? It's still hot now.