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Sleeper (2012)

No Nudity

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Sleeper (2012) reminds us why we should be afraid of the dark. Resnik (Scott Levy) is in prison for kidnapping a girl he was obsessed with and killing a man who tried to stop him. He is so dangerous the prison only lets him out of his cell to shower, exercise, and eat after dark when all the other prisoners are asleep. When he escapes he heads back to the town where he was caught, hell bent on making the night a living terror for the town’s Sherriff and the girl he had once kidnapped.

Chris Hillier takes off his shirt and relaxes while watching some TV before getting kidnapped by the bad guy. As he enjoys a beer, we can enjoy his nice upper body. We get another look at Chris shirtless when he finds himself locked in the trunk of the bad guy’s car.


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