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Socket (2007)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Socket to us boys! The sci-fi thriller Socket (2007) takes a look at the dangerous lives of electricity addicts. With the tagline “Plug in… get off,” director Sean Abley’s Socket provides a searing visual portrayal of what it’s like when currents make you cream. Our window into this kinda, maybe, probably fictitious world is through surgeon Bill (Derek Long) and hospital intern Craig (Matthew Montgomery) – two men who have both been struck by lightning. Both discover that the incident has left them with an appetite for voltage, and soon Craig introduces Bill to the underground world of electrical addicts who are willing to risk everything – even their lives – for that sweet jolt. You’ll get your wires crossed when you see all the hot male nudity and gay action in Socket! Both Long and Montgomery show off their cocks and balls in multiple scenes, including a hot shower shot that has the boys touching tips. Montgomery also heats things up by taking his plug to Long’s socket! It’s erect-ric!