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Spides (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Spides (2020) is a science fiction TV series that gives us aliens, murder, vanishing, detectives, and mysteries - oh my! A series of crazy happenings start going on after a brand new club drug gets released called Blis. The drug shows up and so do all of these mysterious occurrences. Find out what is really happening by watching the shows. Oh, and here's a fun fact: this series was originally written in German, but everybody in German TV stations rejected the initial pitch. The scripts were then translated and rewritten in English and re-pitched to English-speaking networks and production companies which is how this show got introduced to NBC. We're so glad it did because the language doesn't matter when it comes to hot men. Check out hunks like Falk Hentschel who goes shirtless and Artjom Gilz who gets down to his undies to show off that shirtless chest of his. Damn, these Euro guys look great with no clothes on! Want some more? Vinzenz Wagner and Detlef Both both bare their big bulges in their undies as they play haunted Marionettes. They are strapped to chairs and speaking like demons, but these scary sexpots still look hot. Finally, for some real skin, see Florian Clyde play Arjan who has got it going on when he shows his ass when he takes a shower. His back is turned to the camera, but we can see his bare backside through the steamy glass. The beautiful boys will tickle your Spide-y senses.