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Doom Patrol (2019-2022)

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DC Comics tried to get in on the streaming wars with their own streaming service anchored by Doom Patrol. It kicked off in 2019 but switched over to HBO Max for its third season. What's Doom Patrol? Well, comic book nerds will tell you it was essentially DC's version of the X-Men, only it came out months before the far more famous superhero team. Far wackier than DC's usual stuff, the show stars Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele, a race car driver whose body is so mangled in a crash he has to upload his brain into a robot which makes him Robotman. He hooks up with a wheelchair trapped genius (sounds familiar) (Timothy Dalton) who is recruiting all our superpowered misfits, which include a former test pilot who gets turned invisible after a run-in with an alien (Matt Bomer), Cyborg (Joivan Wade) from The Justice League, a shapeshifting former movie star (April Bowlby), and a multiple personality having psychopath (Diane Guerrero). They've got to duke it out with Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk), a hilarious supervillian whose ability to jump between dimensions provides all sorts of fourth wall breaking moments. Bonded by their misfit status, the Doom Patrol have to become a cohesive unit to save the world, even if they're not the DC Universe's A-team. They might not be the X-Men, but when it comes to men we want to have sex with the Doom Patrol's got plenty. One man who's doing his part is our daddy from The Mummy (1999), Brendan Fraser. In the very first episode, he shows off his ageless ass while pounding a chick from behind! He'll turn you into Growbotman! Rany Abu-Elniaj plays the tattooed man, whose inky buns we see while he's having sex with a lovely lady. Alan Tudyk takes a giant dump on the show, but even that scene's not as weird as when Tommy Snider shows up covered in white powder while wearing only whitey tighties. Throw in the boner we got from Matt Bomer making out with Kyle Clements, and the hotness in Doom Patrol was out of control!