altered carbon

Altered Carbon (2018 - )

Great Nudity

Based on the 2002 novel of the same name, Altered Carbon is Netflix's answer to Westworld, a big budget sci-fi series with lots and lots and lots of skin! Will Yun Lee stars as Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary killed 250 years ago who suddenly wakes up inside a new sleeve, or synthetic body, played by Joel Kinnaman. Faced with life in prison for his many crimes, Kovacs is given a choice. He can either be locked up immediately or help them track down a rogue sleeve who murdered the consciousness of...

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Top Scenes

Alteredcarbon 01x10 dalmas uhd 01 small 3
Nude, balls, butt, penis 00:17:23 Edward Dalmas presides over a gruesome scene, but at least he delivers a bit of shirt-cocking before his untimely end.
Alteredcarbon 01x02 purefoy hd 01 small 3
Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless 00:07:48 See EVERYTHING from James Purefoy as he emerges from the resleeving tank.
Alteredcarbon 01x05 kinnaman uhd 03 small 3
Nude, butt, sexy, shirtless, straight 00:37:16 Joel Kinnaman's butt jiggles and thrusts as he gets busy in the bedroom.
Alteredcarbon 01x01 kinnaman hd 01 small 3
Nude, balls, butt, penis, shirtless 00:08:58 Joel wakes up in his new body, and what a body it is! Butt, balls, and dick all briefly come into play as he fights off the techs.
Alteredcarbon 01x01 kinnaman hd 02 small 3
Nude, butt, shirtless 00:10:52 Joel Kinnaman cleans off the storage gel in the group showers, giving us a full-on shot of his glistening ass.
Alteredcarbon 01x02 kinnaman hd 01 small 3
Nude, butt, sexy, shirtless 00:02:10 Joel Kinnaman is shirtless in bed again, then gives us a look at his ass when he greets some unexpected visitors.
Alteredcarbon 01x02 kinnaman lehman hd 01 small 3
Nude, butt, shirtless, straight, sexy 00:49:14 Joel Kinnaman is altering something in our pants with his ass out sex scene!
Alteredcarbon 01x03 kinnaman lehman hd 01 small 3
Nude, butt, sexy, shirtless, straight 00:04:10 Joel Kinnaman flashes fanny while going to munch town on a chick!
Alteredcarbon 01x04 kinnaman hd 01 small 3
Nude, butt, sexy, shirtless 00:43:22 More of Joel Kinnaman showering then walking around for a while. Nice!
Alteredcarbon 01x05 kinnaman uhd 04 small 3
Sexy, sexy, shirtless 00:38:08 Joel is shirtless and sexy in bed.
Alteredcarbon 01x05 kinnaman uhd 05 small 3
Sexy, bulge, underwear 00:39:44 Joel gets interrupted during a nice night's sleep, and has to duke it out in his underwear.


Joel Kinnaman

Nude - as Takeshi Kovacsballs, bulge, butt, penis, sexy, shirtless, straight, underwear

33 Pics & 11 Clips
Will Yun Lee

Sexy - as O.G. Kovacs / Takeshi Kovacsshirtless

8 Pics & 2 Clips
Byron Mann

Sexy - as O. G. Kovacsshirtless

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Edward Dalmas

Nude - as Meth Manballs, butt, penis, sexy

5 Pics & 1 Clip
James Purefoy

Nude - as Laurens Bancroftballs, butt, penis, sexy, shirtless

4 Pics & 1 Clip

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