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Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon (2018-2020)

Great Nudity!


Based on the 2002 novel of the same name, Altered Carbon was Netflix's answer to Westworld, a big budget sci-fi series with bodyswapping, confusing but thought-provoking plotlines, and lots and lots and lots of skin! Debuting in 2018 and lasting two seasons, the series takes place about 300 years into the future. Humans have figured out how to upload their minds and memories into new bodies or "sleeves," so rich people never die of old age. Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) is one of those rich dudes, who is pretty pissed off that someone murdered his old sleeve and forced him to upload himself into a new body. Looking to solve the crime, he enlists the help of Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), a mercenary killed 250 years ago who suddenly wakes up inside a new sleeve. Faced with life in prison for his many crimes, Kovacs is given a choice: he can either be locked up immediately or help track down Bancroft's killer. It's not much of a choice, so Takeshi sets out to find the killer. Fans got pretty pissed off when Kinnaman was replaced by Anthony Mackie in the second season, with the in-universe explanation being that Tekeshi downloaded his mind into a new, genetically enhanced sleeve. Anyone waiting for Swedish stud Joel Kinnaman to get serious about on-screen nudity will be happy to know that he shows off everything when he wakes up nude in the debut episode! Later, we'll get to see that sleev pleasing some beav, as Joel's muscular ass thrusts into a lucky woman. We'd love to 69 that Takeshi! There's also fantastic dick and ass from Edward Dalmas as a dude trying to make the suit top, no bottom look a thing, as well as James Purefoy who gives us pure joy when he pops out of a resleeving tank and goes for a naked stroll. Season one ends with some sensational supporting shirtlessness from Will Yun Lee and Byron Mann! But in the second season, Torben Liebrecht plays Colonel Ivan Carrera who shows his muscular chest and legs riding a unicorn in a computer. simulation. That'll make you one-horny, fella. Darien Martin is also shirtless with an imPECcable chest and abs. But if you want to see the body that was considered even better than Joel's, his replacement Anthony Mackie stars and checks out his chiseled chest in a mirror. We also see his ass in a flashback and in a scene where he is floating in a pod. A pod is a good way to see his bod! Altered Carbon will have you begging to get inside those dude's bodies!