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Westworld (2016-2020)

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Can these sexual delights have sexual ends? Debuting in October 2016, HBO's Westworld was a multi-million-dollar reimagining of the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name! A huge hit that was hugely praised after its first season, the show sort of fell off after its incredibly strong debut and ended up getting cancelled after its fourth season. While things got confusing the longer the show aired, the basic setup of the series is the same as the Crichton movie. In the future, there is an adult amusement park called Westworld where the rich can live out their fantasy of being a real gunslinger in the old west, thanks to a park populated with advanced androids that are there to serve the public. Whether you want to save the day and screw the local farmer's daughter, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), ride alongside the good guy gunfighter Teddy (James Marsden), hang out with the local brothel owner Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), or join a posse to take down the local desperado, Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), thanks to Westworld's creator Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), there's always an adventure for you to go on. But when Dr. Ford decides he's had enough of his creation and secretly makes some changes to the place, the androids begin bucking their protocol and acting more impulsive. No matter how safe the park's creators intended it to be, they will soon learn that technology cannot be controlled! A brilliant first season gave way to more parks with different themes, a look at the world outside of the park, all sorts of body swapping and some incredibly hard to follow plotlines that ultimately doomed the show. But when it was good, it was oh so good. Mr. Man's always wanted to save a horse and ride a cowboy, maybe spend some time on a dude ranch full of hot dudes, let a cowpoke poke him all night, who knows? So, he couldn't get enough of the sexy fellas populating Westworld. The series got off to a skinsational start with Louis Herthum and a number of uncredited extras baring their buns as androids whose bodies are waiting to be put into the park. Ageless hottie James Marsden also goes nude when his body needs some fixing after getting shot up by a park guest. In the second season premiere we finally got full frontal male nudity from Simon Quarterman, who takes off his clothes on command from Thandie Newton. Wow, he's so polite! He and Rodrigo Santoro - whose back is to the camera - are totally naked, which is enticing enough to lure us to Westworld! Jeffrey Wright flashes ass in all the right ways, while Ben Barnes chooses to spend his time in the Wild Wild West visiting a brothel, which lets us see his tight and toned chest. Steven Ogg and Trevante Rhodes are much more muscular than either him or Jimmi Simpson, but we'd happily go bareback then Brokeback with any of them! Sure looks like a good time to us! Westworld will have your hand heading south!