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Tacoma FD

Tacoma FD (2019-2023)

Brief Nudity

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With all due respect to vampires, billionaires, pirates and all the other male sex fantasy fodder, nothing can top a fireman. Make it a funny firefighter, and we'll happily top or bottom for them! To that end, Tru TV's breakout comedy Tacoma FD has been getting us hot and bothered for years since it debuted in 2019. Created by Broken Lizard's Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, it's a comedy about the firefighters of Tacoma, Washington, one of the wettest cities in the USA. With all that rain, there's not much action for our heroes to battle with, so they spend most of their time tracking down lost animals, pulling kids out of wells, rescuing cats out of trees, and all sorts of other highly comedic scenarios you'd expect from some of the same guys behind Super Troopers (2001). Chief Terry McConky (Kevin Heffernan) is our portly leader, while Eddie Caesar (Steve Lemme) is his number one man, but Terry's hot daughter (Hassie Harrison) also works there which throws the sausage fest firehouse for a loop. Throw in a straight man paramedic (Marcus Henderson), zany calendar shoots, prank wars, battles with the cops, and more, and the opportunities for laughs are endless. No, they might not be the alarmingly shredded as the five alarm beefcakes you see in fireman themed pornos, but these men are more than hot enough to keep you warm at night! The most classically handsome mustachioed member of the troop, Gabriel Hogan has it covered when he strips from his sexy firefighter uniform to just his suspenders. Check out that bulge and his muscular body! Then get a peek of his tush during a calendar shoot. Marcus Henderson's portion of the photoshoot involves a giant hamburger hiding his man meat, while the rather beefy Kevin Heffernan blocks his with a big can of tuna! Let us see the can! Don't worry, a bit later both him and Eugene Cordero will flash some crack while bending over. Bet those fellas clean up on Tacoma taco! But if you're looking to see the ripped dudes you were hoping for when you cracked open a calendar, there's the eighteen-pack ab trio of Jeff Pierre, Brett Davis and Pierson Fode getting their photos taken together in front of a green screen. Looks like they keep it tight in Tacoma! If any of the boys from Tacoma FD wanna eff, we'll happily get some of that good D!