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Total Recall (1990)

Brief Nudity

The studly Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Douglas Quaid in Paul Verhoeven’s take on Philip K. Dick’s short story, We Can Remember it for You Wholesale, in the now classic science fiction thriller, Total Recall (1990). Douglas has a simple life as a construction worker with a lovely wife, played here by Sharon Stone, but when he discovers that he is actually a secret agent with a fake memory implanted in his brain by the government, he travels to Mars to put together the rest of his identity. Soon, Douglas is unsure which memories are real or fake, and the true testament to the skillful film making in Total Recall is that neither do we! Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, because obviously the best bit of filmmaking comes with a top view of Schwarzenegger’s built booty. You wont be losing the memory of getting off to this ravenous rump any time soon! 

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Nude, butt, straight, shirtless 00:04:12 Arnold shows off his beefcake when he wakes up from a nightmare.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nude - as Douglas Quaid/Hauserbutt, shirtless, straight

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