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And God Created Woman

And God Created Woman (1988)

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While certainly not the first director to pull this same feat, Roger Vadim made headlines in the late 80s when he remade his own directorial debut, the French flick ...And God Created Woman (1956), as And God Created Woman (1988) in Hollywood! Apart from dropping the ellipsis at the beginning of the title, the film takes full advantage of the looser censorship laws to present the bawdy vision he'd always intended. Rebecca De Mornay takes over the lead role from Vadim's wife Brigitte Bardot as Robin, a bad girl rock and roll singer who finds herself in prison at the start of the story. Ever the resourceful woman who can weaponize her sexuality, Robin seduces naive prison guard Billy (Vincent Spano) and agrees to marry him so she can get herself out of prison. Of course, poor Billy was merely a pawn in Robin's ultimate game which is to get close to James Tiernan (Frank Langella) an ruthless politician running for governor with whom she had a chance encounter on her way to prison. Now, the ambitious Robin must decide not only which of these men she wants to be with, but also which of them will bend most easily to her will! Like most movies of the time period, the nudity is exclusively of the female variety in this sex comedy. Though Frank Langella would notoriously show his cock in the remake of Lolita (1997), here his hog stays underwater while De Mornay gives him a hot tub handjob! There are also some nice looks at Vincent Spano's hot and hairy chest, but that's about the extent of the sexy male content.