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Bizarre (1987)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The truly bizarre Italian sexploitation film fittingly titled Bizarre (1987) is filled with some of the kinkiest stuff you’ll ever see in a movie! This solid contribution to the genre is more about the absurd SEXuations that the characters get themselves into than it is about a cohesive plot. 80’s “it” girl Florence Guérin plays Laurie, a girl with some, um, inventive tricks up her sleeve who leaves her husband to boink the insanely gorgeous blondie Edward (Robert Egon). Of the various below the belt encounters that we’re privileged to, we see Florence stick a hairbrush in Robert’s ass, and in another scene she covers him in Coca Cola Classic before forking his foot. It’s always the one! With some great looks at Egon’s junk and buns, this is truly a can’t-miss masterbatepiece!   


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