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Blindspot (2015-2018)

No Nudity

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When a mysterious woman is found naked in a duffel bag in New York City, the FBI quickly take her in and realize she’s suffering from a drug induced amnesia. She has no idea who she is, and is unable to help the feds figure out anything about her bizarre recent past. The one clue they’ve got to go on, is that her body is adorned with quite a few different tattoos. And as it happens, each tattoo turns out to be a clue in the ensuing investigation of Jane Doe’s sordid past. That’s the premise of NBC’s Blindspot, and if that wasn’t enough to draw you in, what if we told you the show also has the sexy Sullivan Stapleton? This Australian actor will give you a rumpling down under, but most fans would rather he give him a tumbling in the sheets. One scene in the first season has the sexy Sullivan getting dressed in the morning, after having spent the night with a very lucky lady. The shirtless Stapleton should be a staple of any balanced breakfast. We get another look at the sexy shirtless Sullivan in episode 17 of the first season when he gets flirty with his girl in the bedroom again. In the same episode, the fuckable François Arnaud loses his shirt for a scene in bed with a titillating tattooed woman. The tasty Tom Lipinski strips down for this series as well, showing off his chiseled chest as he digs a bullet out of his shoulder in the 15th episode of the first season. The rugged Rob Brown strips off his shirt for our viewing pleasure in the 6th episode of the second season. If it’s true that too much self-pleasure will make you go blind, then “blindspot” is not only the title, but the eventual outcome!