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Knightfall (2017-2019)

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After the massive success of their fictional period drama Vikings, The History Channel tried to keep the ball rolling with their 14th Century Holy Grail quest series, Knightfall. Debuting in 2017 and lasting two seasons, the show takes place in 1307, where the Crusades veteran turned leader of the Knights Templar Landry de Lauzon (Tom Cullen) gets word that The Holy Grail has reappeared in Europe. Landry lost the grail about a decade ago and has always been a bit ashamed of that loss. With the backing of Pope Boniface VIII (Jim Carter), Landry rallies his crew for an epic redemption quest. Landy's number one man is Gawain (Padraic Delaney), the onetime best swordsman in the world who can barely fight after a brutal leg injury he sustained in battle. He might not be the best fighter anymore, but he's convinced the grail will fix his leg and he can be the best once more. There's also all sorts of stuff about King Philip (Ed Stoppard), the handsome head of France trying to figure out who to marry his daughter Isabella (Sabrina Bartlett) off to, but the show is really all about getting the grail. And this is a quest for the grail you can please your python to! Tom Cullen is the kind of Knight you'd like to have in bed with you all night! At one point on the show, we see the crusader getting laid after a woman demands he take his clothes off! We see his ripped abs and popping pecs as he strips down and starts railing a woman against the wall. She chose.....wisely. If you've always wanted to be a royal, you'll enjoy seeing Tom Forbes' sweaty, shirtless take on the longhaired lothario Prince Louis. Stephen Fewell had more than a few of us wishing he'd show even more after lying in a bathtub, but only letting us see from the waist up. And while Padraic Delaney's leg is all messed up on the show, he proves his body is still good enough to get us hard when he gets into a shirtless bar tussle. When he's out of his armor, that night will have your arm sore! The holy grail: male full frontal, might not appear here, but Knightfall is proof the Templars could get your temperature rising!