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Lie with Me

Lie with Me (2005)

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It’s cold in the Great White North so sizzling flicks are a necessity. Enter the erotic scorcher Lie With Me (2005). Based on Tamara Faith Berger’s same-named novel, this Canadian pic tells the story of a nymphomaniac named Leila (Lauren Lee Smith). She spends her nights dancing and having sex with various men, including a shy guy (Michael Facciolo) who briefly bares his rod while getting head. Yet Leila questions her way of life when she meets David (Eric Balfour), an artist who wants to have a committed relationship with her. David also takes care of his disabled dad (Don Francks) who goes full frontal when he’s helped out of the bath and into bed. The scene isn’t played to be arousing, but it’s daring and explicit nonetheless. Of course, the sexiness is left to Mr. Balfour. Throughout the flick, he shows off his special assets!  Just 22 minutes into the movie, Eric is porntastically nude (and erect) while getting busy with his lucky lady. About 10 minutes later, the naked babe goes full frontal while slow dancing with his dame. Needless to say, Mr. Man would love to cut in! If that’s not hot enough, the hottie gives us an ample view of his crotch when waking up. Rise and shine! After flaunting his fanny while giving his girl a slow pounding from behind, the skintastic actor sports wood during some oral action. Lie With Me is soaked through with sex and Eric’s perv-formance will have you soaking through your pants!