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Pagan Peak (2018-2019)

Brief Nudity

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Pagan Peak is a German drama that initially takes us to the Austria-German border in the Alps. A dead body has been propped up in a gruesome manner, and when two detectives - one from Austria and one from Germany - team up to investigate, they find that other people have been killed in a similar way, and that the deaths could be part of a pagan ritual. We're propped up in a unique way too... in our pants! While the series isn't known for skin, Franz Hartwig makes Pagan Peak Mr. Man-aproved when he takes a bath. We see his tight twink ass when he gets up to put on his robe! There's a peak alright... in our pants! Oh, we already did that? Okay, well, enjoy...


Franz Hartwig

Nude - as Gregor Ansbach

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