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Revenge Ride (2020)

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Revenge Ride (2020) has the tagline "blood is coming" and it certainly does in this bloody, action-packed adventure that pairs crime and thrills for one amazing story. Maggie is a tough lady who is part of an all-women motorcycle bike gang named Dark Moon. They are run by a woman named Trigga who shows no mercy for anyone who crosses them. Maggie's cousin gets drugged at a party, so the gang makes it their prerogative to get justice. The attackers have no idea the Dark Moon girls are after them and they are certainly in for a wild and bloody ride. Honestly, the women are lucky to encounter these hunky guys. Diego Boneta is shirtless, sweaty and glistening for the camera with his golden-brown and beautiful skin. Those pecs are imPECcable! He's not the only hunky shirtless stud in this movie. Check out the three frat boys that the gang attacks. They tie all of their hands behind their backs and then lower their pants to show crack. The guys are Jake Lockett, Hank Brock, and Shawn Mattox who all bare buns in this scene where the Dark Moon girls give us a gift by making all those derrieres visible. The boys are also sexy and shirtless in another scene where they are wearing towels around their waists and sporting seriously sexy abs. We'd love to (revenge) ride on these guys! 


Diego Boneta

Sexy - as Brian

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Hank Brock

Nude - as Tanner Foss

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Jake Lockett

Nude - as Keegan Harris

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Shawn Mattox

Nude - as Chad Vincer

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