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Scorpion (2014-2017)

No Nudity

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For four seasons starting in 2014, the nerds were saving the world on CBS' Scorpion. This TV series follows an eccentric genius who organizes an elite group of his hyper intelligent peers in order to act as a last line of defense against the most severe threats against the world. The erotic British sex machine Elyes Gabel plays Walter O'Brien, the leader of the team. A child prodigy who once hacked NASA, his main issue is he kind of sucks at understanding human emotion, which is why he recruits the down to earth diner waitress Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) to join the team and help them be more normal. Eddie Kaye Thomas is Toby, a gambling addict who is also a brilliant psychiatrist who is a master at reading people. Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) is the mechanical expert a little messed up from her time in foster care, while Sly Dodd (Ari Stidham) rounds out the team both by being a bit rounder than most and by being a statistics master. Those are the members, but what about their members? Well, team Scorpion is a pretty unstoppable force when it comes to taking down biohackers, terrorists, and cyber crooks, but the fellas tend to be shy about their looks. All eyes were on Elyes Gabel when he showed off that smooth, sexy chest while shirtless in a pond. We get a great look at those perfect pecs while our leading lad conducts an experiment in the water with the captivating Katharine McPhee. We’ve got a couple experiments we’d like to try out on the gorgeous Mr. Gabel! This Scorpion star looks so good naked, it stings! Meanwhile, Eddie Kaye Thomas ends up shirtless while he gets out of a car without pants on, and wanders around the beach in a loin cloth after surviving a plane crash. We sure wish he'd LOST that thing and showed off his natural state! Mr. Man would be happy to score with either of those dudes on Scorpion!