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Stormy Monday (1988)

Great Nudity!

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Stormy Monday (1988) is billed as a thriller/love story. Sean Bean takes a job in a jazz club. The owner (Sting) is being pressured to sell by Tommy Lee Jones. Melanie Griffith works for Jones in some capacity, and meets Bean. The two begin a relationship. All of this happens in Newcastle, against the backdrop of "America week." The most obvious characteristic of the film for me was a very loud jazz score which made it nearly impossible to hear Griffith's squeaks. I never felt like I knew anything about Bean, never really knew what Griffith did for a living, and it was never really explained what illegal things Jones is into, or how Sting learned to be such a badass.

Sean Bean’s butter bean makes a brief splash down in a saucy tub scene (This is sounding like a review written by Doctor Suess).

Sean’s Peen

can be seen

while he gets clean.

But if you’re hoping for more,

Go to the store,

And get something more hardcore. 



Sean Bean

Nude - as Brendan

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