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The Graduate (1967)

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In addition to introducing the world to some of the most memorable movie characters of all time, director Mike Nichols’ classic The Graduate brings ample shirtless scenes of a sexy and youthful Dustin Hoffman. The Oscar-winning flick follows the post-college graduation existential anxieties of Ben Braddock (Hoffman) as they coincide with horny MILF Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft). The older seductress manipulates Ben for sexual fulfillment in order to counteract her own boredom and insecurities. After falling for Robinson’s daughter Elaine (Katherine Ross), however, the cradle robbing relationship comes to an end. Ben’s lackadaisical summer leads to plenty of time in the pool and the sac, and in both situations he goes sans shirt, flaunting an adorable tan bod! As Simon and Garfunkel sang at the film’s end “Let us be lovers, we’ll bury our cocks together!”  


Dustin Hoffman

Sexy - as Ben Braddock

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