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The Groomsmen (2006)

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Edward Burns as a working class Irish-American guy from New York City? Okay, so it's not the biggest stretch of a role for him. But as writer, director and star of The Groomsmen (2006), Edward showed he could craft a compelling portrait of a bunch of bros struggling to transition into adulthood. In the movie Edward Burns is Paulie, a working-class dude from The Bronx who has knocked up his longtime girlfriend Sue (Brittany Murphy). With a baby on the way, Paulie decides to finally make his woman an honest lady. To get him through this emotional time, the soon-to-be-dad gets together with his best friends, the titular dudes: Mike (Jay Mohr), TC (John Leguizamo), Des (Matthew Lillard), and his brother Jimbo (Donal Logue), for a bachelor party send off. But not all is well with the former garage band rockers. Jimbo is in a failing marriage and begging his brother to avoid the same fate. Des is a bar owner stuck living in the old neighborhood who doesn't like the way it's changing. Mike still lives with his parents and can't get over his ex or the fact that TC stole one of his baseball cards a few years back and disappeared without a trace? Why'd TC take off? Well, it ends up Mike was a huge homophobe and TC was a closeted gay man who moved away from the neighborhood to live life as his true self! Prepare for some old stories, hard revelations, and alcohol fueled heart to heart conversations in this dramedy. Already living his best life, Mr. Man has nothing to hide, including how much he loved the look at Jay Mohr's heinie the movie provides! Ever the manchild, Jay's character Mike lives across the street from Des. He sees his buddy walking across the lawn, tells him rehearsal is in his garage in an hour, and to punctuate the point pulls down his pants and moons him. We've got something we'd like to park in there! We'd love to roleplay as the bride to any of The Groomsmen!