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White Collar

White Collar (2009-2013)

No Nudity


White Collar isn't just our favorite place to smear lipstick! This USA network mainstay lasted six seasons from 2009 to 2014 and introduced all sorts of viewers to real life gay icon/instant boner, Matt Bomer! On the show, criminal mastermind and lifetime con artist Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is finally apprehended by his nemesis, FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), after a three-year long chase. But it’s hard to keep a good criminal down, especially one that is in love, so just before he's about to get let out of prison, Neal escapes from lockup to search for his long-lost girlfriend Kate (Alexandra Daddario). And like all great law enforcers, Peter catches the escaped inmate once again. Finally, Peter realizes how stupid it is to spend the rest of their lives playing this cat and mouse game with the most handsome fugitive ever to put the "want" in "Most Wanted", so he convinces the FBI to bring Neal into the agency as a special crime consultant. As the odd couple put their differences aside to solve some cases, they soon find that they make a pretty good team. But when you're committed to the law, can you ever really count on a crook? And when you're a lifelong thief, can you really ever go straight? Mr. Man's pretty sure he can never go straight after seeing the sexy fellas on this show. Your hand and crotch will make an excellent team when you get a glimpse of Matt Bomer with his shirt off, relaxing in bed when his lady. Crime might not pay, but it sure looks good…with its shirt off! Count the abs on this conman and see if you don't want to run down the dudes on your roster and make a White Collar booty call! Blue Collar, White Collar, all of us holler when Matt Bomer is onscreen!