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XX/XY (2002)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Mark Ruffalo, Kathleen Robertson and Maya Stange are three college students who really know how to have fun in XX/XY (2002). In fact, they jump into bed together shortly after meeting at a party. This leads to some bizarre friendship and romance until the three eventually go their separate ways. Then the threesome flares up again when they’re reunited as married adults. The film’s a complicated look at relationships and commitments.

Ruffalo is a tasty piece of man candy that is always a welcome addition to any film, especially when he shows some skin.  He puts his chromosomes to good use by exposing his cute shapely butt on a couple occasions.  Things start off slowly with an underwater look at the top half of his buoyant bottom while he’s swimming.  It’s a little appetizer for what’s coming.  While bending one of his gal pals over a table and getting busy, Ruffalo’s pants and undies are around his knees and his round skinlicious ass meat is in full view as it thrusts powerfully. When his job is done he waddles off, taking his sweet time pulling up his pants.  His leisurely pace lets the camera soak up a few more seconds of his delectable derriere.