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A Lot Like Love (2005)

Brief Nudity

A Lot Like Love (2005) is a sweet, romantic comedy that starts on a cross country flight when Oliver (Ashton Kutcher) and Emily (Amanda Peet) meet and make a connection, but they decide that they are just not right for each other. As fate would have it, during the next several years they continue to run into each other and become friends and lovers. . . but will it ultimately work out?

While the nudity is pretty brief, you will take one look at Ashton’s fine fanny and know why the Hollywood starlets are lining up to slice themselves off a piece of that cake. Throughout the movie we see him without a shirt a few different times then in one scene he agrees to let her take a nude picture him. He covers his little Kelso with his hands, but there is a quick shot of his fantastic caboose. After the picture is taken, she approaches him and they embrace in the nude so there is a little sidage as they hug. It is a little frustrating, but for a PG-13 flick it is actually pretty good, and when it comes to Ashton and his fine frame, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. 

Ashton Kutcher

Nude - as Oliver Martin

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