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Another Gay Movie

Another Gay Movie (2006)

Great Nudity!

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Picture this: a handful of horny high schoolers make a pact to lose their virginities before graduation amid a bunch of gross-out jokes and mayhem. Before you say this sounds like an all-too familiar plot, let us tell you that the classmates are all homosexuals! In other words, Another Gay Movie (2006) has many playful American Pie (1999) undertones yet it also holds its own as it offers an offbeat (and revealing) experience. Under the pen and direction of Todd Stephens, this outrageous teen sex comedy follows Nico Hunter (Jonah Blechman), Andy Wilson (Michael Carbonaro), Jarod (Jonathan Chase), and Griff (Mitch Morris). The three latter lads are especially fetching when they flash their asses while getting down with the bottomless Beau (James Getzlaff) and Angel (Darryl Stephens). Griff also exposes his ass while alone and when having sex with Jarod at the pool. That is, when Jarod isn’t blowing Tyler (Andersen Gabrych), before blowing chunks on his back. Talk about a visual gag. Speaking of, Eric Eisenbrey dresses as a boy scout so a priest will suck him off in a bathroom stall. OMG! Other men vying for your erection, erh attention, include Survivor (2000) star Richard Hatch who flaunts his hairy chest, balls and penis! Meanwhile, talk show host Graham Norton plays Mr. Puckov, a leather-clad math teacher who seduces Beau and Angel. Two guys plus Graham’s bare buns equals a threesome! Now, add in nipple clamps and a huge prosthetic peen, and what do you get? A lot of fun!