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Hindsight (2015)

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Romance, comedy, drama, science fiction and fantasy collide in the first, last and only season of Hindsight (2015). Created by Emily Fox, the VH1 series centers on Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey), a stylish blonde on the eve of her second marriage. But due to a fainting spell in an elevator, she inexplicably awakens in 1995 on the eve of her first marriage. With the titular perception in place, will Becca again go through with her wedding to Sean Reeves (Craig Horner) even though it obviously leads to divorce? If that’s not perplexing enough, she’s faced with the dilemma whether or not to repair her relationship with her free-spirited gal pal Lolly Lavigne (Sarah Goldberg), whom she had a falling out with. While Becca gets a second chance at life in the ’90s, the viewer goes on a weirdly retro time traveling expedition that weaves through memories of the O.J. Simpson debacle, video stores and flannel as a fashion statement. Speaking of, we just love looking at men sans shirts. And fortunately for us, the show’s leading hunk literally loses his top — a lot! Needless to say, Mr. Horner’s pecs are impeccable. The series also features Mario Cantone, Nick Clifford, Jessy Hodges, Brian Kerwin, Collins Pennie, and the awesome abs on John Patrick Amedori. As Jamie Brady, he shows off his smooth chest. Mr. Man just wishes the actor flashed the rest of his bare body. In other words, we’d like to set our sights on the behinds of the Hindsight guys!