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Maurice (1987)

Great Nudity!

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Based on the classic E.M. Forster novel of the same name, Maurice (1987) follows the budding romance of two buddies studying at Cambridge. Clive (Hugh Grant) is a privileged aristocrat who surprises his best bud Maurice (James Wilby) by declaring his love for him. At first, Maurice is lost in shock by his best friend’s friendly feelings, but after sharing a moment of passion, the hesitant hunk goes whole hog for the cute Clive. Because of upper society’s hang up with homosexuality, the copulating couple must hide their love away. Clive marries a woman, and Maurice mounts his ex’s gamekeeper, Scudder (Rupert Graves). Thumbing their noses at society’s prejudiced expectations, Maurice and Scudder chose to openly live together as lovers. Both Wilby and Graves give full and impressive views of their adorable dinks and longing views of their beautiful buttocks. In a deleted scene found in the DVD extras, Adrian Ross Magenty moves us with his firm, young nude body lying in bed. Maurice is full of eroticism that is sure to move you to ecstasy. Who knew classic literature could be this memorable!