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Orpheus' Song (2019)

Great Nudity!

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To follow Greek mythology, Orpheus was the greatest musician, poet, and a prophet of ancient times.  He was the son of Apollo and was given a lute by dear old dad and taught to play the most beautiful ballads of all time that no one could resist...  Smash cut to this modern day fable of two friends and a build up of sexual tension between them as the sweet music from a lute fills the air between them.  In Orpheus' Song, we follow Philipp and Enis, two life-long friends from Berlin that win a free trip to Greece.  As they head out on their vacation, they get lost on an island and are forced to hunker down in a cave together for the night and the following morning they are seemingly seeing each other differently.  Did the night in the cave change them into something more, did the village they stumble across and the mysterious man calling himself "Hercules" change their outlook on their friendship?  Is it just Greece in general that makes all young men seemingly see each other as sandy cheeked hunks that just want to splash around in the Mediterranean and maybe celebrate each other's bodies?  Who knows, but this one has some seriously scalding hot beefcake rolling around on the sandy shores together for sure and Philipp (Sascha Weingarten) and Enis (Julien Lickert) don't shy away from showing off their amazing bodies on the beach!  Literally, both of them have a minimum of 4 scenes showing off the goodies to us and each other, and the sexual tension between the two of them could make Eros himself blush...  


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