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Rushlights (2013)

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It's puppy-love, pure and simple, that starts the sequence of events that Rushlights (2013) brings to the screen. Two teens fall in love in the Los Angeles suburbs and elect to drive out into the desert, in an attempt to collect the inheritance due to their dead friend. Things aren't as simple as they'd hope, thanks in no small part to the town's no nonsense Sheriff Brogden (Beau Bridges). The film also stars the sexy and seductive Crispian Belfrage as Eddie Romero. Eddie is seen shirtless within the first half hour of this film, and the sight will leave you thirsty for more. Lucky for you, you'll also see the films leading male Josh Henderson shirtless and whipped. He may be getting whipped, but all we could think about was covering him in whipped cream. Rushlights is the second film for director Antoni Stutz after taking a ten year directorial hiatus following his debut comedy/crime thriller You're Killing Me... (2003). You'll see in Rushlights, that he hasn't lost his attention to detail and dramatic tension, if anything he must have spent that decade honing his skills. Rushlights will brighten any day.


Crispian Belfrage

Sexy - as Eddie Romero

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