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Saint-Narcisse (2021)

Great Nudity!

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When we caught wind that gay film provocateur Bruce La Bruce was directing a homoeroticized take on the Greek myth of Narcissus, we were intrigued. After all, this is the man that brought us Hustler White - which opens with Madonna's ex actually masturbating. So ya. But we could never have anticipated just how insanely hot Bruce's latest - Saint-Narcisse - would be. This stars the painfully beautiful Felix-Antoine Duval in a double role - he plays two twins who fall in love with each other and have sex. So ya. It's a take on Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection. But you can't fuck a mirror Narcissus! Okay, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Saint-Narcisse starts with Dominic (Duval) receiving a letter from his long-lost mother. He seeks her out at her home deep in the woods, where she has taken on the life of a witchy lesbian. But she neglects to tell Dominic that he has a twin. Dominic finds this out for himself while visiting a monastery. Dominic's twin brother, Daniel (also played by Felix-Antoine Duval) is a monk being taken advantage of by a lecherous priest. Dominic frees Daniel, and Daniel repays Dominic with some anal. Yup. The two twin boys realize that they have romantic feelings for each other, and in one of the most shockingly explicit scenes of director Bruce La Bruce's career, the brothers have bareback sex in the woods. Now that's what we call brotherly love! Felix-Antoine Duval shows his flawless naked body (complete with that mouth-watering uncut penis) in a number of scenes, but body doubles were enlisted to bring his gay sex scene with himself to life. In a particularly hot and homoerotic shot, Duval joins a number of equally stacked and cute monks, including Anthony Belsile, for a fully naked skinny dip! But we all really know what this one's about: That sex scene. When it comes to the twin sex scenes in Saint-Narcisse, it's all relative!