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Shepherd (1999)

Brief Nudity

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Cybercity (1999) is one of those movies that is so bad, it’s good. Also known as ShepherdPeter Hayman’s campy science fiction flick is set in a post-apocalyptic society where rival cults rule and use assassins known as “Shepherds” to do their dirty work. One such mercenary Shepherd is Boris Dakota (C. Thomas Howell) who is hired to kill a rival female Shepherd called Lilith (Heidi von Palleske). But he refuses to carry out the contract once he sees she has a young child. This decision forces the one-time enemies to literally come together in and out of bed as they join forces to take down a virtual prophet (Roddy Piper). To make things interesting, Boris and Lilith encounter a ventriloquist (David Carradine) as they try to save their collective butts. Speaking of, we’re happy to report this movie makes the most of its actors’ assets! As such, Mr. Howell puts the action into this action movie when he bares his back and rump while humping his lady friend just 14 minutes into the story. When he sheds his threads to get his freak on, we see fifty percent of his bootie. Talk about a half-ass performance! Although Howell’s fanny looks firm and fine, he leaves us wanting more. Meanwhile, Mackenzie Gray gives a lusty turn as the ass-flashing Lyndon. Despite the fact that critics were far from thrilled with this futuristic thriller, flesh fans will appreciate the skin it delivers. In other words, this turkey will have you choking your chicken!