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SMILF (2017)

Brief Nudity

SMILF (2017) stands for Single Mom I'd Like to Fuck because this mom is hot. The series focuses on a single 20-something mom who struggles to find a happy work-life balance. There are plenty of hotties in this sexy series including the hunky Alex Brightman who gives us full nudity when he and Frankie Shaw have sex. They are having sex for the first time since she got pregnant, so when he sees a foot (her kid's), he freaks out. When he gets up, we see his penis, balls, and butt. It was worth it! Frankie later gets a vibrator out and imagines Kyle Vincent Terry having sex with her. This scene is definitely going into the spank bank for Kyle Vincent Terry's bare butt and shirtless body. Alex Brightman joins the party, going totally full-frontal before having sex with Frankie Shaw, as does Austin Abrams when he accidentally blows a load in his own eye! Ouch!

Top Scenes

Nude, butt, straight, shirtless Ep. 01x01 | 00:03:37 Kyle Vincent Terry shows off his beautiful bare ass while he bones a lucky lady!
Nude, butt, penis, balls, shirtless Ep. 01x01 | 00:22:16 Cutie Alex Brightman goes epically full frontal in the bedroom!
Sexy, shirtless Ep. 01x04 | 00:13:06 Miguel shows off his super fit bod (and tattoos) in the locker room.
Sexy, gay Ep. 01x06 | 00:23:06 Miguel and Mark make out in a church!
Nude, butt, straight Ep. 01x06 | 00:15:59 Donald Li bares his beautiful buns during a standing sex scene!
Sexy, shirtless Ep. 01x07 | 00:05:00 Distinguished dude Blake Clark gets a super duper sexy bath!
Nude, butt, straight Ep. 01x02 | 00:18:40 Austin Abrams bares his butt while getting it on with Frankie, then gets shoved off and shoots his load in his own eye! That's got to burn.
Sexy, straight, shirtless Ep. 01x08 | 00:11:50 Austin Abrams is shirtless as he bangs a girl from behind!


Kyle Vincent Terry

Nude - as Benbutt, shirtless, straight

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Alex Brightman

Nude - as Jesseballs, butt, penis, shirtless

7 Pics & 1 Clip
Miguel Gómez

Sexy - as Rafigay, shirtless

3 Pics & 2 Clips
Mark Webber

Sexy - as Father Eddiegay

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Donald Li

Nude - as Dr. Edmond WongSexy, butt, straight

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Blake Clark

Sexy - as JoeSexy, shirtless

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Austin Abrams

Nude - as CaseySexy, butt, shirtless, straight

5 Pics & 2 Clips

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