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SMILF (2017-2019)

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SMILF (2017) stands for "Single Mom I'd Like to Fuck" because this twenty-something mom is hot. Stepmom porn levels of hot. But she's also super poor, and a poor excuse for a mom at times. Lasting just two seasons on Showtime, Frankie Shaw plays Bridgette Bird, a down and out single mom living in a deceptively poor people filled version of South Boston. She's no longer with her baby-daddy Rafi (Miguel Gomez), but she's stuck with their kid, Larry (Alexandra Reimer), which makes finding a job and a new man all sorts of difficult. Bridgette is struggling as a SMILF, both financially and socially, and Rafi isn't helping. She's concerned her post-birth vag is too loose, wants to get her son vaccinated despite Rafi being an anti-vaxxer, wants Larry to be raised without religion but finds out Rafi baptized him, and worst of all, has to watch as Rafi moves on with a younger, hotter woman than her. Maybe Bridgette will find a solid DILF out there and they can mix body fluids en route to developing a mixed family. She's certainly actively looking! There are plenty of hotties in this sexy series including the hunky Alex Brightman who gives us full nudity when he and Frankie Shaw have sex. They are having sex for the first time since she got pregnant, so when he sees a baby foot on the bed, he rightfully freaks out. When he gets up, we see his penis, balls, and butt. Yeah baby! Frankie later gets a vibrator out and imagines Kyle Vincent Terry having sex with her. This buzzworthy scene is definitely going into the spank bank for Kyle Vincent Terry's bare butt and shirtless body. Alex Brightman joins the party, going totally full-frontal before having sex with Frankie Shaw, as does the young Austin Abrams when he accidentally blows a load in his own eye! Ouch! George Basil flashes ass while thrusting, as does Jimme Jean-Louis. We've even got Mark Webber as a sexy priest who starts making out with Miguel Gomez. Father, are we supposed to want to call you daddy? With all those sexy fellas, SMILF will put a smile on your face!