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The Grinder

The Grinder (2015-2016)

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Did you think there would ever be a universe in which Fred Savage and Rob Lowe would star beside each other as brothers in a hit prime time show? Well, there is, it's this universe, and we promise you are not dreaming right now. Go ahead, pinch yourself. Fred Savage became an icon of the 80’s and early 90’s through his staring role in the television class The Wonder Years. Rob Lowe is Rob Lowe, and whether you know the stud from his own heyday in the 80’s or from his seemingly hundreds of television and movie appearances since then, you definitely know him. 

The humor in Fred and Rob's (why does it feel so weird to call them by their first names?) well-received show, The Grinder, relies heavily on their comedic chemistry. The odd coupling is what makes the interactions so hysterical, as the writers on The Grinder have a knack for playing off of each actor's idiosyncrasies. The show’s plot sees a newly unemployed actor (Lowe) returning home to the town his family lives in. Of course, there’s a twist. Lowe’s most recent role was as a lawyer in the canceled show The Grinder (ah), and he comes from a family of real life lawyers (oh). When he decides to join their firm (no) with no real-life legal experience, things get wacky. Savage plays his legitimate lawyer brother.

While both men are seemingly ageless and incredibly sexy, Rob is the one who dares to bare his buff chest in a sexy shirtless scene. Order in your shorts!