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Clawed (2017)

No Nudity

Top Scene


The tagline for this low-budget horror flick is "This legend will tear you to shreds!", so buckle up for a classic creature feature, as this one delivers an uncanny level of camp, buckets of fake blood, and a creature that shows the babes and hunks on this retreat that you don't need a big budget to elicit big scares!  We are parachuted into the middle of a group of students on a geology excursion and if there is one thing horny college students love is geology, something about the hard rocks and years of pressure and erosion must do it...  So it almost goes without saying that the science of this blood bath is sound!  When the group of collegiate geology students make their way into Bear Claw wilderness and park, they hear tell of a local legend of a man-eating beast that all the locals simply call "The Shadow of Death".  As they get deeper and deeper into the woods, they soon see that members of their group are getting gruesomely taken out one by one by a man beast popping out of the woods!  Can these wayward rock lovers band together to beat this creature, can they stop doinking each other long enough to avoid the basic rules of surviving a horror movie?  Doubtful, as these hunks and hotties are torn limb from limb, left and right.  Along the way, we do get to see some mild sexiness from the hunks as Jackson Turner Worth drops his pants in the woods for a poop, but not before being interrupted by his lady who discovered a body hanging from the tree above their tent!