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Doing Hard Time

Doing Hard Time (2004)

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The straight-to-video action flick Doing Hard Time (2004) shows the lengths a father is willing to go to avenge the death of his child. Michael (Boris Kodjoe) is a good man and a loving father to his seven-year-old son, Chase. But Michael’s world gets tragically interrupted when his beloved son is accidently shot to death during a drug deal gone bad. The distraught father’s sorrow turns to outrage when his son’s killers, Curtis (Michael Kenneth Williams) and Raymond (Michael Kimbrew), get a slap on the wrist for a lesser charge of drug possession. Unwilling to live with the court’s decision, Michael develops a methodical plan to commit a crime, get himself sentenced to the same institution as his son’s killers, and deliver some real justice to the scumbags. Doing time will be the least of these dudes’ concerns when Michael shows up. As you watch the action unfold, you’ll also get to see plenty of plump rump from Kodjoe and Williams in multiple scenes. We’d love to do hard time with these guys!