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Drowning by Numbers

Drowning by Numbers (1988)

Great Nudity!

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British director Peter Greenaway might be best known as the man cinephiles claim Wes Anderson's been ripping off for years these days, but back in the 80's and 90's he was putting out some interesting stuff that was truly visually unique. Case in point: Drowning by Numbers (1988), the tale of three generations of fatal femmes. Joan PlowrightJuliet Stevenson, and Joely Richardson star as the three women—all named Cissie Colpitts—who discover how easy it is to drown a philandering husband. Yes, all three of them end up drowning their husbands. Of course, it helps that the local coroner (Bernard Hill) is weird enough to go along with the murder plots. But the coroner's son (Jason Edwards) starts falling for one of the poor, unfortunate widows, and his dad has to try and steer him away without admitting they're murderers that he's been helping coverup their crimes. Apparently, people who are into visual gags and clever allusions in the backgrounds of movies will appreciate this one the most. But the number one reason to watch the movie, according to Mr. Man, is for the male nudity! Bryan PringleDavid Morrissey, Bernard Hill, Trevor Cooper—the fleshy fantastic four—bring the skin in this art house film. Bryan and Trevor bring the meat, fearlessly flaunting their fiddles in dueling scenes. Bryan's taking a bath with a woman and making an absolute mess. It might not be drowning, but his cock and balls sure took our breath away! Trevor, on the other hand, is fast asleep with his dong on display. David displays his skinny seat while trying to fornicate with a femme on her father’s couch, and his little dangler while skinnydipping. And not to be outdone, Bernard begins the flick flashing his fine flank and strong, hairy chest. This intellectual dramedy will have you drowning in nudity!