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I Am Jonas

I Am Jonas (2018)

No Nudity

Top Scene


This French indie flick follows the story of Jonas at two different and pivotal points in his life.  The first is him as a teenager going into the 9th grade and his burgeoning sexuality and him discovering his feelings for the other boys in school, and the other of him as a reckless man in his mid-thirties coming out of a relationship with his boyfriend.  Jonas can't seem to stay away from the local bar that brings out the worst in him too, which is just one of the many ongoing problems in the life of Jonas as he spirals and these two timelines begin to intersect and weave the narrative together!  I Am Jonas is just chocked full of hot French toy boys, lead by the insanely sexy Félix Maritaud, who blew us away in the graphic and great Sauvage/Wild, where he shows us everything!  Also, Nicholas Bauwens plays the younger version of Jonas as is about as fine as French wine having a big crush on the scrappy boy face of Tommy Lee Baïk, both of whom have a few shirtless scenes in the locker room and in some clingy swim trunks with going for a dip.  Lastly, new comer to the screen Ilian Bergala shows us his pumped up pecs in the pool as well!  Leave it to the French to give you a feature flick full of foxes to feast on!  Tres Bien, our French brothers!