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Party Down

Party Down (2009-2010)

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What do you do when you head to Hollywood, but don't quite find fame? According to Starz's beloved comedy series Party Down, you become a caterer and see if your gig slinging mushroom poppers at high end parties can provide a backdoor into the biz. Airing for two seasons in 2009 and 2010 before a one season revival in 2023, on the show Adam Scott plays Henry Pollard, a failed actor whose one brush with fame came when he landed a beer commercial that came with a catchphrase: Are we having fun yet? His girlfriend Casey (Lizzy Caplan) is a struggling comedian who he works alongside, while hanging out with his sci-fi screenwriter coworker Roman (Martin Starr), the show mom pushing her teen to become a child star Lydia (Megan Mullally), the acting teacher Constance (Jane Lynch) and recovering drug addict Ron (Ken Marino). With each episode centered around a different party, the gang tried to take advantage of any connection they could, try not to get jealous when one of them got a break, and chase their dreams while working such a crappy gig. Since it was a show about wannabe actors, of course there were a ton of good-looking guys on the show. In one episode, Joe Lo Truglio passes out in a bathroom with his pants and underwear around his ankles. While his fellow caterers try to get him out of there, his bare ass is fully exposed. That'll start a party down in your crotch! In another episode, Thomas Lennon plays the host of an orgy the group caters. As the party starts rolling, he yanks off his pants, bares his buns and even flashes a little frontage. Opting not to join in on the orgy, the crowd's not feeling it, but it had Mr. Man feeling himself! Later, we'll see that ass again as he needs to be put to bed. Maybe the best male nude scene in this show features Enrico Colantoni jumping fully nude into a pool. There is a full-blown frontage shot and a view of his super tight rear pancakes as he flies through the air and splashes down in the water. He is running and it is a quick shot, but it is still a Skintastic moment. But if you're looking for a big star, get a load of Steve Guttenberg showing that he's still got incredible abs during a shirtless scene. With all those male skin scenes, Party Down was catering to our needs!