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Satan Said Dance (2017)

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The life of a working artist is sometimes not as glamorous as you'd imagine...  When you're stuck in a cubicle you might think to yourself that "my friend, the writer and influencer probably has it all figured out"m as the fluorescent lights suck out your life force.  Well, for the friends of Karolina (Magdalena Berus), they definitely only get to see the curated version of her life on Instagram.  Karolina published her first novel, which is a modern retelling of "Lolita", and has since been living the life of a successful writer becoming the toast of the world and hitting every bestseller list you can think of.  The only problem is that Karolina is actually quite miserable behind closed doors.  Yes, she makes tons of cash, travels the world, and appears to be blissfully nihilistic in her approach to her new found fame, but the fact of the matter is that she's filled with dreaded emptiness that knows no bounds.  She's habitually popping party drugs, screwing anyone and everyone who comes across her path, and is quite regularly making the wrong decisions regarding her career moves.  As it turns out, you can't fill the void in your life with screw and pills and end up happy... But Karolina is going to find out the hard way.  Speaking of the "hard way", we definitely get to see some hard bodies from a bevy of her sex partners including Lukasz Simlat, Tygo Gernandt, and Tomasz TyndykSatan Said Dance, but he's also politely giving a wink and a nod to you jacking off to these Polish boy toys!