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Mapplethorpe (2018)

Great Nudity!

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Dick pics might be a dime a dozen these days, but there was a time when they were truly an artform. That time was the 1970's, when legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe was crafting his black and white portraits of gay New Yorkers dominating the BDMS scene. In 2018, his life story and tragic death was chronicled in Ondi Timoner's biopic Mapplethorpe (2018). Matt Smith plays the titular photog, who we meet when he bails on The Pratt Institute to hit the city streets and see what really needs to be documented. Although he's boning iconic musician Patti Smith (Marianne Rendon), he thinks it's men that need to be dicked down and documented. After meeting art curator Sam Wagstaff (John Benjamin Hickey) his portraits of erect cocks become a huge hit, and soon enough celebrities are dying to model for him. But his brother (Brandon Sklenar) thinks he's become a dick snapping dickhead, so he changes his name and sets out to prove that he's just as good a photographer as his brother. Robert will meet his maker at only 42 when AIDS takes him out, but his photos will live on forever. Matt Smith does Robert some justice when he admires his body in the mirror. He wears a robe while doing it, so we don't get to see his goods until he takes it all off and shows that photo-worthy ass. In another scene, he makes out with leather-clad Thomas Philip O'Neill until that abruptly ends. He has other fun with John Benjamin Hickey who makes out with Matt in his underwear in a post-coital scene. And as if all that didn't make you Fapplethorpe yet, McKinley Belcher III bares his buns in bed when Matt Smith climbs on top of him and starts making out with him. We also see a picture montage of McKinley's cock! Talk about a Pole-a-rod! David J. Cork poses naked for pictures but doesn't give us a taste of Cork's Cock. Instead, he sits on a stool, curled up, and in profile, while Rotimi Paul flashes ass while he gets naked pictures taken. That dude knows how to pose! We definitely needed more cocks for this to be a proper Mapplethorpe picture!