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The Scarlet and the Black

The Scarlet and the Black (1993)

Great Nudity!


This erotic drama follows the story of an ambitious young man from a poor family who seduces high society women as a way to improve his social standings and future prospects.

Ewan McGregor gives an asstasic performance as the ambitious young man. Ewan spends much of this story fully nude. We see his taut tush on multiple occasions as he walks around nude, runs nude, climbs a ladder nude and rolls around in the hay with some upper society women. In one scene there is a glance of his Scottish lowlands as he turns around and gives us a glimpse of his pubes and in another he turns to the side and treats us to a quick shot of his dangling claymore. He is packing enough between his legs that he could go all sorts of Braveheart and use that thing as a weapon as he leads his people to freedom.

Scarlet & Black (1993) is soaked with Ewan McGregor nakedness and is candy for the eyes and a treat for your tender spots.