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Spartacus (1960)

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Spartacus (1960) is the Stanley Kubrick historical epic about a slave named Spartacus who leads a revolt against the Roman Republic. This is loosely based on the novel by Howard Fast (and allegedly a true story) that was adapted into the film we know and love today by screenwriting maven Dalton Trumbo. Kirk Douglas plays Spartacus and he looks to be in his physical prime in his gladiator sandals that really showcase his toned calves. He would have to be to go up against Crassus, played by the great and famous Laurence Olivier. The year is 73 B.C. when Spartacus, a Thracian slave, gathers up gladiators from his gladiator school to lead an uprising of slaves in order to steal some Silesian ships that would take them away from there. The Roman government gets wise of this plan and Crassus leads an army to battle against the slave army. Spartacus gets nice and oiled up for some gladiator fights that show off Kirk Douglas's tan torso. John Gavin plays Julius Caesar who also gets nice and oiled up in some scenes that are extra titillating to watch. But the prize homo-erotic scene in this movie belongs to Tony Curtis who plays a servant to Crassus. He gives Crassus a bath and Crassus starts alluding to his bisexual tendencies by asking his servant if he likes oysters or snails. Crassus then says that he likes both oysters AND snails. Oh, Crassus, do behave! Forget Spartacus - we'll have what Crassus is having.